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November 11, 2016

How to Download iMessage Free Stickers

iMessage release some free stickers. Recently, It released free stickers 'Moving Cockroach'. Say 'hello' to Moving Cockroach. What better way to brighten up someone's day than with this little cutie? But it is only available for iPhone based with iOS 10. Let us preview what free LINE stickers you can download as following:
Moving Cockroach
Barney The Dinosaur
Sheldon The Snail Animated
The Lovely Cutest Snail
Hollaback Girl Animated
Elite Girl Animated
The Sausage Dog Animated
Elite Girl
Spade Girl
Licorne Baby (Sports Ver.)
Raccoon Zodiac Animated
Chubby Doodle Monster
The Cutest Corgi Animated
Molly The Cat Animated
Maru The Shiba Dog
Bird And Rabbit
Rocky Raccoon
Halo Stickers

Step by Step Download iMessage Free Stickers

Step #1 Tap "Messageas" icon

Step #2 Tap App Store icon as photo to access App store to download free stickers
Download iMessage Free Stickers
Step #3 Input the sticker name, then you can download.

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