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October 28, 2015

[Hidden LINE Stickers] Download MOZU Character Stickers With Japan VPN

LINE released  new hidden LINE stickers in Japanese stickers shop. The sticker name is 'MOZU Character Stickers'. Let us check the stickers details now. MOZU the movie is coming to theaters on November 7! Friend WOWOW's official account to get these stickers featuring the eight characters from the TV series for free! Available till January 19, 2016. LINE users who are in Japan can easily get the set hidden LINE stickers for free. But if you are not living in Japan, how can we get the hidden LINE stickers in Japanese sticker shop? The solution is get connected on Japan VPN on your devices. If you don't know how to download hidden LINE stickers for free, check the article I wrote for downloading hidden LINE stickers with VPN. If you are not a newbie of LINE message, I think you will be interested in downloading many others free LINE stickers in other countries' sticker shops and preview or purchase paid LINE stickers. Why not check tutorials as following to get free LINE stickers and purchase paid LINE stickers.

Download MOZU Character Stickers With Japan VPN

Download MOZU Character Stickers With Japan VPN

I have stated that download the sticker 'MOZU Character Stickers' from Japanese sticker shop when you are living outside of Japan. If you have Japanese phone number, you can bind it and get the set sticker swimmingly. If not, you have to get connected on Japan VPN to access Japanese sticker shop. If you haven't find VPN to download free LINE stickers, you can test with free trial VPN.

Sticker Name: MOZU Character Stickers.
Available till: 1/19/2016.
Sticker ID: line://shop/detail/5392.
Limited Country: JP.
Stickers Type: Hidden LINE Stickers.
How To: Japan VPN.
Hidden LINE Stickers MOZU Character Stickers In Japan
MOZU Character Stickers

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