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October 19, 2015

[Free LINE Manga Stickers] Download Silver Spoon Stickers From Japanese LINE Manga

LINE release a free LINE manga stickers. It is "Silver Spoon".  The hit Japanese comic and animation about life in an agricultural high school comes to LINE! Purchase any silver Spoon LINE Manga to get this stickers set. Users must install LINE manga, worthwhile, you have to use this kind of LINE account(unbind phone number and bind with Facebook and Email) to launch LINE Manga App. Otherwise, you can't access Japanese LINE manga. Worthwhile, you must connect to Japan VPN to download the free LINE Manga stickers. Actually,  If you don't know how to process, you can refer to the tutorials for LINE stickers. Actually, the points are the same. 

Sticker Name: Silver Spoon.
Available till: Maybe removed at anytime.
Sticker ID: line://shop/detail/1151.
Limited Country: JP.
How To: Japan VPN.
*If you can't find the free LINE Manga in Manga App, you can send its sticker ID in one chat window, then tap the sticker ID. You will be redirected to download free LINE Manga.
Free LINE Manga Stickers Silver Spoon

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