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May 25, 2015

Watch TV Shows like Producer, EXO NEXT DOOR On LINE TV

LINE TV is  a video service that is available within the messaging app itself.  Providing different kinds of various music videos, dramas and TV shows. It is available both in-app over android and iOS operating system, and through the web as well with tv.line.me. But when you visit tv.line.me from US, Hong Kong, Singapore..., you will get the error message like "Sorry, LINE TV is not available in your country yet".  I tested with VPN service to change IP address into other countries' IP address. I find only connected on Thailand or Taiwan VPN can access the website. As I know that LINE has buy the copyright of famous Korea drama "Producer" in Taiwan. It means that only Taiwan users can watch those videos on LINE TV. Watch TV shows like Producer, EXO Next Door drama on LINE TV with Taiwan VPN. LINE TV is providing various videos offerings for different region. So if you can connect to other countries' VPN to get special contents for different countries. In one word, unlock LINE TV outside of Taiwan or Thailand with best LINE VPN.
Unable To Access LINE TV Website
Unable To Access LINE TV Website

Get Best VPN To Unlock LINE TV

LINE TV is now available to access in Taiwan and Thailand. It will be available in more and more countries in the future. It is free to watch TV shows on LINE TV currently, attracting large numbers of LINE users watch TV shows on it. But when you are travelling for business outside of Taiwan or Thailand. You will get error message. So what you have to is to get VPN to unlock LINE TV. There are many VPN service provider on the market. Which one should you pick? Why not try this guy for free. It is FlyVPN. Compatible with Windows, iOS and android. Check its official website http://www.flyvpn.com. I will show you have to unlock LINE TV website in Windows and LINE TV App on android and iOS with FlyVPN trial VPN service.
For Windows
Download FlyVPN client, install and run it. Then input trial VPN account and password. those info have been listed on http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. BTW the password is dynamic, so users must get latest password from that trial webpage. After logged in, then you can read guidance about how to use Fly VPN client.
Trial VPN Account and Password of FlyVPN
Trial VPN Account and Password of FlyVPN
Unlock LINE TV With FlyVPN
Unlock LINE TV With FlyVPN
For Android
Firstly, you must have LINE account,  then download LINE TV app from Google Play store, or download LINE TV Apk from third party. Secondly, setup VPN on android. Thirdly, watch TV shows on LINE TV around the world.
Trial VPN username: vpnu/vpnc
Password: Check latest password of trial VPN account.
Trial VPN Server address: Check VPN server address list.

For iOS
Download FlyVPN iOS app from Apple App store. Check FlyVPN iOS APP details here. After installed, register and follow the guidance step-by-step to install VPN. If you don't want to install App, you can follow VPN tutorial for iOS to setup VPN on iOS manually.

Many LINE users are watching Producer and EXO NEXT Door drama on LINE TV. If you can't watch it on it. Ahead to connected on VPN service to watch LINE TV in Windows, iOS and Android.

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