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April 28, 2015

[Hidden LINE Stickers] Download House Cuddly Custodian Stickers With Japan VPN

IIt is available to download hidden LINE stickers House Cuddly Custodian Stickers from Japanese sticker store. But you can't find it in it for it is hidden LINE stickers. Firstly, we should know its sticker ID, then send the sticker ID to one of your friend in chat window. Then hit the sticker ID link. You will be redirected to download page. If you are living in Japan and can't get Japanese phone number, you can try to unbind your phone number, connect to Japan VPN on your device, then login with Facebook or Email. You will find you can can access Japanese sticker shop. Let's check the details of the hidden LINE sticker. The House Food Group presents the cheeky and cuddly custodian illustrated by Yasuko Shindo! Friend House Food Group's official account to get the set. Available till July 19, 2015.  Also there are many other free LINE stickers in other countries' sticker shop. LINE fans can download those stickers too. Read tutorials as follows:
Download House Cuddly Custodian Stickers With Japan VPN
House Cuddly Custodian Stickers

Download House Cuddly Custodian Stickers With Japan VPN Now On Android/iOS/Windows

After read tutorials above, you will get the points to download hidden LINE stickers on multiple OS. So get Japan VPN now to download the cute hidden LINE sticker. Many LINE fans don't Japan VPN and don't want to invest money into it. So there is another way, involve into FlyVPN trial verision. Get its trial VPN account and password for setup VPN manually on android, iOS or Windows. Another factor you must know before starting, it is FlyVPN trial VPN server address in its trial account, check here

Sticker Name: House Cuddly Custodian Stickers.
Valid for: 5/21/2015.
Sticker ID: line://shop/detail/4338.
Limited Country: JP.
How To: Japan VPN.

Let me show you my experience to download the hidden LINE sticker on android.
Step #1 Unbind your real phone number with LINE account. Check tutorials listed above.

Step #2 Connected on Japan VPN server, then login with Facebook or Email.
Connected on Japan VPN server On Android

Step #3 Send the sticker ID in chat window, and tap it.

Step #4 hit Add friends button, then click Download button.

Step #5 Download hidden LINE stickers House Cuddly Custodian Stickers successfully.

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