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March 21, 2015

[Hidden LINE Stickers] Download LINE Stickers Akiko's Big Brother For Free

Line fans can download hidden LINE stickers Akiko's Big Brother for free. Let us read its stickers description as following: Look out -  the Lawson Crew is back! Akiko's big brother has his own set of stickers now. He may be a few cans short of a six pack, but he's cool enough to know when to buy his sister some Karaage-kun. Friend Lawson's official account to get this set for free! Available till June 11, 2015.  If you want to download the set, please download it before June 11, 2015. Once exceeded, you have to pay for it. If you don't connect to Japan VPN, it is unable to click the download button to download the sticker. Don't  hesitate, ahead to download the hidden LINE stickers now. I think not everyone do know the steps to download hidden LINE stickers from other countries' sticker store, so please read tutorial as follows:
[Hidden LINE Stickers] Download LINE Stickers Akiko's Big Brother For Free
Download Hidden LINE Stickers Akiko's Big Brother For Free
Sticker Name: Akiko's Big Brother.
Available till: 6/11/2015

Valid for: 180 days.
Limited Country: Japan.
How To: Japan VPN or Japanese Phone Number.

1. Input the sticker ID in one chat window, then tap the ID. You will be redirected to the LINE sticker page as photo.

2. Download the hidden LINE sticker step by step as instructions.

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