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January 20, 2015

[Hidden LINE Sickers] Download Enta and Friends With Japan VPN

Enta, the dog who cheers us all up to busy days, now has his own sticker set! Let Enta add some sweet charm to all your chats! Friend the en Japan official account to get the stickers. Available till April 12, 2015. Users can find the hidden Line stickers by clicking its sticker ID. Some users can find the sticker and found it isn't available to download. There are two reasons. One is you have bounded other countries' Phone number not Japanese. Another is you aren't living in Japan and haven't gotten Japanese IP address. If you want to download the hidden Line stickers and are living outside of Japan. You must unbind yourself phone number and get Japanese IP address to download hidden LINE stickers in Japan sticker store. Otherwise, bind Japanese Phone number. If you haven't found best VPN for Line sticker. Check best VPN for LINE stickers. Then refer instructions as follows to unbind phone number.
I have wrote articles about how to download hidden LINE stickers, so please check tutorial here.
Download Enta and Friends With Japan VPN
Download Enta and Friends With Japan VPN

Download Hidden LINE Stickers Enta and Friends On Android and iOS

Sticker Name: Enta and Friends.
Sticker ID: line://shop/detail/3763.
Valid for: 180 days.
Limited Country:  Japan.
How TO: Japan VPN or Japanese Phone number.
It is very simple to download hidden LINE stickers with Japan VPN. check instructions briefly as below:
1. Unbind Phone number. Check tutorials above.
2. Connected Japan VPN on iOS or Android. If you don't know how to configure VPN on iOS or android, check picture and text tutorials on http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial.
3. Login your LINE Account. Send the sticker ID to one of your friend. Tap the link. You will be directed to the webpage of downloading the sticker.
4. Add friends. Then tap Download button.

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