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January 30, 2015

China GFW Cant Stop Us To Use LINE In China

LINE had been blocked in China since 19 July, 2015. Some users in China can only use LINE App by connecting to VPN service. But now China government is beginning to ban foreign VPN company that large numbers of VPN service can't use in China. Such as Astrill, StrongVPN and Golden Frog. Because I am living in China, I know the performance of different VPN service providers in my side. I am using android smartphone and iPad. But Line users can't download LINE app from App store. Visit how to download LINE App for iOS in China page to get started. I tried many times to use LINE on android. Firstly, I download Taiwan Line apk file from other website. Secondly, Connect to Taiwan VPN on android. Thirdly, login LINE with Email. It doesn't allow me to access. I tried it again and again. Finally, I logged in. I can read text message but not picture. If you want to receive picture message, you have to use VPN to break the limitation. Because LINE started to bind phone number on iOS. If you bind with Chinese phone number, you can't access LINE forever in China. So the only solution is to bind other countries' phone number. If you have friends outside of China, you can ask them for help. Line users have to bind Facebook and Email at the same time. If you can't login, VPN is the way. I just write some details about my experience using LINE App on android and iOS. Hope this can help you. The main topic I want to write is "China GFW can't stop us to use LINE in China". 
Photo source: Ng Han Guan, AP

How To Use LINE App in China on Android

Because more and more VPN services are unable to use in China, I recommend you to use best VPN for China. BTW people who are living in China can't access its official website. You can contact with its customer service to require solution. Please buy its premium account before taking plane to China. If you want to test its quality, check guidance about how to best VPN for China on android.
  • Go to "Settings" - "More" - "VPN" - "Add VPN Profile"
  • Username: vpnu or vpnc
  • Password: Obtain latest password from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial (password is static, users must get latest password from its website)
  • Server address: Check trial VPN server address now.
  • IPSec pre-shared key: vpnserver (Just for L2TP Protocol
If you don't know how to setup VPN on android, read picture and text tutorial about setup trial VPN on android. After connected VPN on android, you can start to use LINE App in China.

How To Use LINE App in China on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)

The key is connect to VPN service on iOS if you have LINE account bound with other countries' phone number, Facebook and Email. There are 3 ways you can setup VPN on iOS. Only 1 way you can refer in China without VPN . If you are living outside of China, You can use those all 3 ways. 
Alternative 1
  • Go to "Settings" - "General" - "VPN" - "Configure VPN Profile"
  • The following steps are similar to android. So please reference infos above.
* This way is not suitable for guys who are living in China without VPN.
Alternative 2
  • Visit m.flyvpn.com to register an account
  • Tap "VPN Server Address List"
  • Regarding the following steps, please check tutorial about configure VPN on iOS
* Alternative 2 is also suitable for users who are looking for trial VPN on iPhone, iPad and iTouch.
* This way is not suitable for guys who are living in China with VPN because users can't access m.flyvpn.com without VPN.
Alternative 3
  • Download FlyVPN iOS App from App store. Search terms as FlyVPN. It is free to download
  • Install and run it
  • Register an account or login if you have created account
  • Then tap "Setup" to install VPN connections. Please click the "Setup" button of the VPN server you want to use
  • Tap install and done
  • Go to "Settings" - "VPN"  to check VPN connections (PPTP and L2TP) you just configured
* This way is suitable for people who are living in China without VPN. It is available to download from Chinese App store.


Whatever you are using LINE on android and iOS in China. I think this article is very helpful for you. Actually, VPN is one of necessities for foreign people in China. If you are looking for best VPN for China to unlock Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LINE, FlyVPN is your option. Buy VPN online now to break GFW.

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