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December 2, 2014

How Can I Download LINE Manga App for Android and iOS

LINE Manga is a reading Manga/Comic App, including iOS and Android version. But only available in Japan. It means that people only can download LINE Manga apk from Japanese Google Play store and App store. Many users are wondering where I can download LINE Manga Apk. I was in the same situation as those people for I am not living in Japan. I have two devices, one is android smartphone, another is iPad. So I tried to install LINE Manga app for android and iOS. Finally, I got the way.
Download LINE Manga App for Android and iOS
Download LINE Manga App for Android and iOS

How Can I download LINE Manga Apk for Android

There are two ways you can download LINE Manga Apk file as follows:
  • Access Japanese Google Play Store, Search ''Line マンガ'' in Google Play store. 
  • Download LINE Manga Apk file from other website. But android devices must be rooted.

How To Access Other Countries' Google Play Store

Someone would ask why I should access other countries' Google Play store. In one word, some apps aren't available in your local Google play store or some Apps are more cheaper in other countries' store than yours. Let's talk the point for How to access Japanese Google store. Firstly, you should connect to Japanese VPN to create Japanese Gmail. Then connect to Japan VPN, login with Japanese Gmail you just created. If you can't access Japanese store, please clear data under Google Play app. If you don't know how to process, refer the tutorial here. Some guys told me that sometimes users can click ''Clear Date'' and connect to VPN to access other countries' store. It is no need to create Japanese Gmail. You can test the both ways. Highly recommend one trial VPN service for you. If you are interested in it, go ahead!

Download LINE Manga Apk File

Download LINE Manga apk file from other website required root. If not, it is unavailable to install successfully. Worthwhile, you have to trust the provider. If not, don't download from other website.
LINE Manga Apk V3.3.1: http://bit.ly/12jp8rb.
LINE Manga Apk V3.0.0: http://goo.gl/2XSlsn.
LINE Manga Apk V2.2.1: http://goo.gl/kCtldE.
Because LINE Manga often lanuch free Line stickers for some Mangas. Some guys can't download it. Users can try to install previous version of LINE Manga Apk.

How Can I download LINE Manga Apps for iOS

LINE Manga Apps is only able to download from Japanese App/iTunes store. So we can only download it from the store. I have written tutorial about create Japanese Apple ID without credit card, please check tutorial for creating other countries' Apple ID. Create Japanese Apple ID and install LINE Manga App for iOS.

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  1. Is there a way to change the country on my LINE account? I uninstalled and reinstalled it and logged in with my email address instead of the phone number but when I try to log in to LINE Manga, I get the error message "It's not available in your country/region". I'm having the VPN on but I still get the same thing. It seems it can still detect that I'm living outside Japan. With the VPN on, I can buy stickers that are only available in Japan on LINE but why can't I log in to LINE Manga? I wish someone could help with this.