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November 3, 2014

How To Download Japanese Free Line Stickers

Line fans can download many free Line stickers from Japan stickers shop. There are several kinds of Japanese free Line stickers. Let me clear for you.
  • Install Apps and add friends.
  • Enter serial number or reach some prerequisites.
  • Hidden Line Stickers.
  • Line Manga Stickers.
  • No prerequisites (Bind with local phone number).

How can we download those free Line Stickers from Japan Stickers Shop?

Regarding different kinds of free Line stickers, we should use different way. Generally, we can use Japan VPN to download some free Line stickers, including those free Line stickers require to install Apps and add friends, haven't been listed in Free tab and ask to download specific Line Manga episode. Regarding the stickers types like 'Enter Serial Number or reach some prerequisites' and 'No prerequisites (Bind with local phone number)', we should buy some goods or bind Japanese Phone number in your Line account to get those free Line stickers.

Install Apps and add friends to get Japanese free Line stickers

This kinds of free Line stickers is very easy to get. Just connect to Japan VPN on android, iOS, OS X or Windows can download Japanese free Line stickers. Read tutorials below:
Install Apps and add friends Line Stickers
Install Apps and add friends Line Stickers

Get Japanese Hidden Line Stickers

Sometimes Line launch hidden Line stickers. We should know its ID, then click the id link to redirect to the page to download Line stickers. We can't find it in FREE tab of stickers shop. Click here to check tutorial for downloading hidden Line stickers.

Hidden Line Stickers
Hidden Line Stickers

Download Line Manga Line Stickers

Line Manga often hold event to release Line Manga Line stickers. Line fans must download some episodes of the manga and get the special Line Manga free Line stickers. Read how to download Line Manga Line stickers now.
Line Manga Line Stickers
Line Manga Line Stickers

Download Free Line Stickers Require to Enter serial number or reach some prerequisites 

Line fans have to buy special items to get the serial number. Then input it in stickers shop. It is difficulty to get this kind of free Line stickers. If you have friends in Japan, you can ask them to help you buy the goods and tell you the serial number. 
Enter serial number Line Stickers
Enter serial number Line Stickers

Download No prerequisites (Bind with local phone number) free Line Stickers

This kind of Line stickers are only available to download for Line accounts binding Japanese phone number. Line accounts binding with other countries' phone number or no phone number bounded can't see this kind of Line stickers in shop. Though you can redirect to the download page via clicking their sticker ID, it is not available to download too. So if we want to get this kind of free Line stickers, we must bind Japanese phone number in your Line account. You can borrow or buy Japanese phone number to download those free Line stickers. After downloading, please un-install Line app, then re-install. Login with your Email or Facebook. 

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