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November 6, 2014

[Free Serial Number LINE Stickers] Download Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda Sticker form Thailand Shop

The Happy Panda is back again and this time his stickers are animated! Check Rakuten's TARAD.com official account, participate in the campaign and get the serial number to download these stickers for free. Hurry up, serial numbers are limited! Available till February 1, 2015. I just tested there is no need to add Rakuten's TARAD.com official account. Do you want to get the LINE serial number sticker of Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda from Thailand stickers shop. Let us preview the sticker details below:
Sticker name: Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda.
Sticker ID: line://shop/detail/3280.
Sticker Type: Enter Serial Number.
Available till: 2/01/2015.
Valid for: 90 days.
Limited Country: Thailand
[LINE Serial Number Sticker] Download Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda Sticker for Free
Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda

Download Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda LINE Serial Nymber Sticker With Thailand VPN

Step 1. Access Happy Panda Line Stickers Promotion page with computer or other devices. Login with Facebook and allow Rakuten TARAD.com to access your public profile. It is very slow for me to open the event link on my android phone, so I visited the promotion page with PC.

Step 2. Custom password for your TARAD.com account and click the button as photo.
Step 3. Once done, you will see the photo below.
Step 4. Click here to access Thailand Happy Panda official website. Then input your Facebook Email and password you have typed in Step 2 and click sumbit as photo.
Step 5. Then you will see the serial number. Please write down the serial number.
Step 6. Configure Thailand VPN on iPhone, Android phone or tablet and PC. If you don't know how to download free Line stickers with VPN, please read tutorials below to download free Line stickers from other countries' sticker shop with VPN.
Step 7. You will see the sticker under Free tab in Thai sticker shop. Enter serial number you have gotten from Happy Panda official website. It is available to download Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda stickers now.
Generally,Line fans have to buy goods to get serial number. This is the first time we can download serial number Line stickers for free.If you think the article is helpful you, please don't hesitate to share it. We will try our best to do better. BTW if you don't find best LINE VPN for downloading free Line stickers from other countries' shop, obtain free Line stickers with trial VPN service. I downloaded Rakuten TARAD.com: Happy Panda stickers with its trial Thailand VPN on my android smartphone. It is so easy to reach.

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