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November 17, 2014

[Free Creators' Stickers] Download SUSHIYUKI 2 Line Stickers Before Novermber 23, 2014

SUSHIYUKI 2 free creators' stickers are available for free until Novermber 23, 2014(GMT+9). 'Hey,OMACHL!' Cute&yummy SUSHI stickers are back! To use these stickers you must be on an iPhone or Android device. I just tested it is available to download without a registered phone number. I connected to Taiwan VPN to download this free creators' stickers.
Sticker Name: SUSHIYUKI 2.
Valid for: No Expiry Date.
Available till: 11/23/2014 GMT+9.
Sticker ID: line://shop/detail/1054167.
Sticker Type: Free Creators' Stickers & Hidden Line Stickers.
SUSHIYUKI 2 Free Line Stickers

It is the same way to download the free creators' stickers like hidden Line stickers. It is possible for people who can't download the stickers for binding with phone number. Please read tutorials to unbind phone number and download the SUSHIYUKI 2 free creators' stickers.

Download SUSHIYUKI 2 Free Creators' Stickers Now

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