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September 4, 2014

How To Get Japanese Stickers On LINE

LINE is a smartphone app which allows users to make calls and messaging with other LINE users, both nationally and internationally. The service was launched in June 2011, and it is being used in 230 countries around the world. The app is wide spreading for  its cute stickers. Some people are addicting to download cute Line stickers from other countries' stickers shop. There are two kinds of  LINE stickers you can download. One is free, another is paid. Because many guys are searching how to get Japanese stickers on Line. I will introduce something about that here.

Get Japanese Free LINE Stickers With VPN or Japanese Phone Number

There are two ways you can download Japanese free LINE stickers. One is Japan VPN, another is Japanese Phone number.

Download Japanese free LINE Stickers With Japan VPN

Line often launches some free LINE stickers in Japanese stickers list. Line users can download the free sticker with Japan VPN from Japanese sticker shop. Please read tutorial below to download Japanese free Line stickers with Japan VPN.

Note: If you haven't Japan VPN, you can use FlyVPN trial VPN account. Check trial VPN and account info here: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. If you don't know the VPN Server IP address in trial account, please click here to check VPN server address.
Download Japanese free LINE Stickers With Japan VPN
Download Japanese free LINE Stickers With Japan VPN

Download Japanese free LINE Stickers With Japanese Phone Number

Because some Japanese free Line stickers which only allow Line account bounded Japanese Phone number to download. The only way to download those Line stickers is to bind Japanese Phone number. If you have friends who are living in Japan, maybe you can ask help from them. If not, you can find some phone number provider like Twilio. Firstly, bind with Japanese phone number in you Line account and Email and Social network account. Second, once download free Line stickers completely, uninstall LINE app to unbind the phone number. Then re-install Line app. Then Login with Email or Social network account. If you want to bind yourself account, just go ahead. 
In one word, get Japanese stickers on Line is very easy to connect to Japan VPN server. Regarding Japanese phone number, hope you will find way. If you have any good way, don't forget to share it to me.

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