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September 19, 2014

[Hidden Line Sticker] Download DAI-chan LINE Stickers From Japanese Sticker Shop

A new hidden Line sticker is available to download in Japanese sticker shop. It is 'DAI-chan LINE Stickers'. DAIKYO's character DAI-chan has come out with new stickers! Use them to liven up chats with your family and friends! Friend DAIKYO's official account to get them! Available till December 11, 2014. Many guys told me that I can't find hidden Line sticker in sticker shop. Anyone have the same doubt as they. Please read tutorial about how to download hidden Line sticker. If you are interested in downloading many free Line stickers from other country, please read tutorials below. 
Check details of Download DAI-chan LINE Stickers below
Limited: Japan VPN
Available till: 12/11/2014.
Valid for: 180 days.
Sticker number: line://shop/detail/3070.
Type: Hidden Line Stickers&Add friends.

Download DAI-chan LINE Stickers
Download DAI-chan LINE Stickers
P.S. Please don't forget to unbind phone number in your Line account. How can we reach that? Firstly, we should bind LINE account with E-mail and Facebook. Secondly, uninstall the app, then reinstall it. Thirdly, connect to VPN, then login with Email or Facebook account. Finally, then you will see Line stickers in other countries' shop. 
1. Type the sticker ID in Chat windows 'line://shop/detail/3070'.
2. Click the ID number, then you will see 'Add friend' button. Just tap it.
3. The download button is green. Tap the button and download the hidden Line sticker now.

Download DAI-Chan Line Sticker
Download DAI-Chan Line Sticker
Download hidden Line sticker DAI-chan LINE Stickers from Japanese sticker shop with Japan VPN now. If you don't have Japan VPN account, visit http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial to use trial Japan VPN server. 

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