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July 22, 2014

LINE Blocked In China Again Since 19th July

It was about 20 days after last Tiananmen gate event happened on July 1st. LINE is blocked in China again since 19th July. Many Line fans are annoying why I can't receive and send message with Line. Some people bound with other countries phone number can use Line as normal. Only those who bound mainland China phone number can't use Line recently. I am living in China too. So I am in the same situation as you. I tried many ways to fix that. Fortunately, I found some ways to fix that. 
Hope you have bounded email or social account in your Line account. If you only login with your phone number. The only way is to create a new account again. There are about 4 ways you can fix Line in China.
  1. Unplug mainland China SIM card, then connected to USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong...VPN. If you can't login, please reinstall Line app.
  2. Open Airplane mode, then turn on WiFi. 
  3. Bind with other countries' phone number in your Line account
  4. Download Line apps from other countries app store. For example, create Japanese apple ID, then download Japenese version of Line. Connect to VPN, then Login with email now.
P.S. If you haven't bind email or social network account after uninstall, you can't use four ways above to unblock Line in China. 

 Unplug SIM card, it's unavailable to send message with Line.
Line Blocked In China
Line Blocked In China
 Connected VPN on phone, send message successfully.
Unblock Line in China
Unblock Line in China

I haven't found ways to bind other countries' phone number in my Line account. So I unplug mainland China SIM card, then connect to FlyVPN on android phone. It does work for me. Welcome guys who can provide other ways to unblock Line in China. 


  1. Hello,
    I am now living als in China. Previously I was using an Android phone, surprisingly Line works well with my Samsung Note 2 without VPN. On the other hand, my iPad line needs to be used via VPN all the time.
    Then.. my problem has begun. Got the new iPhone 6 a few days ago. (I am quite an advance user for those VPN and stickers d/l from the other countries.)
    First.. I could not verify either my email account to sign in or use ANY number to register the new account (I do have a German Simcard).
    Fortunately, I have found your trick to take out the Simcard before installing it. This went fine.
    Thank you very much for this trick.

    Until..... another catastrophe has appeared.
    Line asks me to verify a phone number (after restarting the app/phone), which I did.
    Then the problem has begun AGAIN..

    1. I meet same situation as you. You should verify not-chinese phone number, bind with Email and Facebook. Then login with Facebook not Email.

  2. I did not use the Chinese number. I did use my German number. Will try again with Facebook.
    Tai ma fun le!
    So can you use it now??
    Today I was able to use it for 3 hrs or so and then I could neither send nor read the message. Though I do get notifications.

    1. Yeah. I can use Line on iPad now in China for verified US phone number. There are steps I operated in iPad
      1. bind with non-chinese phone number, Email and Facebook
      2. Uninstall LINE and re-install it again.
      3. Login with Facebook.

    2. Hello, after uninstalling and reinstalling many times, I still cannot use it with my iPhone 6.
      I can use with my mini iPad (only wifi version).
      I did register with my Facebook account and it worked well until I put back the Chinese Simcard in.
      Then I cannot either read or send messages. I do receive the notification.

      I am so tried with this now. Any advice?

  3. For iPad.. surprisingly I do not have any problem.
    I downloaded the Line for iPad then use the email for login. I can use both gadgets with one account.

    1. I just checked LINE community in baidu. Many guys said that LINE V5.0 or + can't either read or send messages on iPhone. Some users suggest to install V4.9.0. Hope this can help you.

  4. how to install line version of V.4.9.0 ? because now , in app store ( and what i already have ) is the newest version .

    1. I find the source from here http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c05zSxM .

    2. i downloaded it but i can't open it

    3. :( Need to jailbreak. Android devices are able to use LINE normally in China. But for iPhone, more and more to find way to break it.

    4. yeah i know :( all android can open line freely . thanks though for the help :)