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May 3, 2014

Download IS( Infinite Stratos) Free Line Sticker From Line Manga

IS( Infinite Stratos) free Line sticker is available to download in Line Manga. First part of IS is free to download. So users can get IS free sticker after downloaded IS Manga. Let me show you how to download those Line sticker now on iPad. 
1. Create Japanese Apple ID, then download lineマンガ from APP store. Click here to check tutorial.
2. Access Line manga app. Click the comic with free Line sticker as photo.

3. Find the IS(line://shop/detail/2236) Comic. Click 对象作品.
4. Click the free part(Coin 0). It's free to download.
5. Click 購入 as photo.
6. Tap the button as photo. You will be redirected to Line app. And download the free Line sticker.
7. Download IS(Infinite Stratos) free Line sticker now.
Follow instructions above to download IS free Line sticker from Line Manga now. There is no need to use VPN to download Line Manga. If you want to download free Line stickers in other countries' sticker shop. Maybe you can use FlyVPN best VPN fro Line stickers.

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