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April 3, 2014

How To Download Free Line Sticker On PC

Many guys are wondering how to download free Line stickers on PC. So am I . I spend several hours to explore it. Hope the guide can help you. The article will guide you to download free Line stickers from other countries sticker shop on PC with FlyVPN. People can also use this way to download apps from other countries' Google play store.
Briefly Instructions:
1. Download BlueStacks android Emulator on PC.
2. Download Line program from Google play store.
3. Stop BlueStacks program absolutely.
4. Change IP with FlyVPN.
5. Download free Line stickers on PC now.

Note: Users must make themselves Line account have been boundd to Email and Facebook. Go to Settings -  Applications - LINE.exe - Clear Data and Force Stop to cancel Phone number. Then you can login Line with Email.

Step 1. Download and Install BlueStacks android Emulator
a. Download latest version of BlueStacks.
b. Tap Run - Continue - Next - Install. Follow the steps by steps.
How To Download Free Line Stickers On PC - 1
Download and Install BlueStacks android Emulator on PC
Step 2. Download Line program from Google play store.
a. Search Line program in BlueStacks.

b. Login Google account or register an new account.
If it is not convenience to input letters and numbers with keyboard, please install Google zhuyin input from Google play store.

c. Install and Open Line program.

Step 3. Stop BlueStacks program completely.
a. right click the blank menu bar. Click Start Tast Manager.
b. Click Applications, stop BlueStacks program.
c. Click Process, stop HK-Agent.exe.

Step 4. Connect FlyVPN on your PC.
a. Download FlyVPN client (pro version). Install and run it.
b. Input FlyVPN username and password. If you don't have FlyVPN premium account, you can use its trial VPN account and password. Get VPN account info from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.
c. Select one VPN server and click Connect.
If you don't know how to use FlyVPN client on PC, please read text and picture tutorials on http://www.flyvpn.com/FlyVPN-VPN-Client-3-Tutorial.html.

Step 5. Log in Line with Email and download free Line sticker on PC with BlueStacks now. 
Update: LINE changed rules, LINE users can't see LINE stickers in other countries' sticker shop. So refer to here.
1. Chat history will be cleared once use your Line account on other devices.
2. Users have to re-download previous free Line stickers on your android Phone or table. Login Line, go to Settings - Stickers - Purchase History and download previous free Line sticker again.


  1. just wondering, it is possible to download free sticker using VPN in windows phone? and it is possible if i wanna "send as a gift" the sticker that i just download via VPN?

  2. 1. It is available to download free sticker in Windows phone with VPN. Find a VPN service which can be applied on Windows phone.
    2. Some free sticker is available to send as a gift.

  3. is it a must to use bluestack? because i have line for windows. can you give me solution? thankyou^^

    1. Yeah, you must download Line stickers via android Simulator like Bluestack. You can use Line in Windows, but you can't download Line stickers in Windows without android simulator.

  4. Hi there. I've done all these steps. But it did not change my ip :(

  5. Hi there. I've done all these steps. But it did not change my ip :(

    1. Whether you have unbounded with your Phone number?

    2. how to unbounded from the phone number?

    3. For android, read solution here http://www.linevpn.org/2013/09/download-free-line-stickers-on-android-with-flyvpn.html
      For iOS, read solution here: http://www.linevpn.org/2014/02/how-to-download-free-line-stickers-on-iphone.html

  6. I've done all these steps. But nothing happen, when i open bluestack i don't have to input email and password. any solution?

  7. The Bluestack Line required me to verify my phone number, without that I cannot continue to access Line via Bluestack. All I know is when we put our phone number in Line, then we cannot use vpn to download the stickers.