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April 22, 2014

Download Kim Soo Hyun RED Sticker With Malaysia VPN (English Version)

Kim Soo Hyun RED (line://shop/detail/2168) free Line sticker is available to download again. Line launched the sticker in Korean sticker shop before. But it's Korea version. I think many Line fans don't know the meanings of the sticker. It's a good news for people who can speak English. Kim Soo Hyun RED sitkcer(English version) is available to download in Malaysia sticker shop. Line users can configured Malaysia VPN on devices to download it now from abroad. Do you want to chat with your friends with your idol stickers as me?

Let us preview Kim Soo Hyun RED Line sticker
Deadline: 5/21/2014.

Malaysia VPN for Kim Soo Hyun RED
Kim Soo Hyun RED

Download Kim Soo Hyun RED Sticker On iPhone, iPad, Mac, android phone or table, and PC 

Note: Users must cancel phone number in your Line account. Otherwise, you can't access other countries' sticker shop though connected VPN

VPN Tips
Malaysia IP Address:
If you have FlyVPN premium account, please login with yourself account. Otherwise, please use VPNU trial VPN account and password on http://goo.gl/19Juh7.
Tutorials for Downloading free Line stickers on different devices:

After connected Malaysia VPN on devices, Kim Soo Hyun RED sticker has been listed under Free tab in sticker shop.  Download it now!

Download Kim Soo Hyun RED Line Sticker With Malaysia VPN


  1. Hai I just found out about this and its not available anymore. Can you tell me how to get it? Thanks

    1. Hi, I just tested it with Malaysia VPN. It is available to download. It's a hidden Line stickers. Please read tutorial at http://www.linevpn.org/2014/03/five-hidden-free-line-stickers-in.html to get hidden Line stickers

  2. How to install it to blackberry monza?
    Is that only for android etc?

    1. Sorry, I don't know. You can find a VPN provider, which can compatible with Blackberry monza. Then connect to Malaysia VPN server, maybe it will work.

  3. What is the username and password for connecting?

    1. The LINE stickers isn't available to download now. The username is vpnu, get its latest password from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial .
      You can also access m.flyvpn.com then create an account to setup trial VPN servers.