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February 21, 2014

LINE characters : Love U(No Expiry Date)

LINE characters : Love U sticker is available to download in US and Singapore Line sticker shop. Once downloaded, Line users can use it forever. It's not free in some countries' stop. Even you want to buy in your countries sticker shop. You can't find LINE characters : Love U stickers. If you want to download the stickers to express LOVE. Connect to VPN on iPhone or other mobile devices to download free Line stickers.
1: Let us preview LINE characters : Love U(line://shop/detail/1696)

2: Let us download LINE characters : Love U free Line sticker with US or Singapore VPN on devices with  iOS and android operating system.
 Download Line stickers on iPhone tutorial:  How to download free Line stickers on iPhone.
 Download Line stickers on Android tutorial: How to download free Line stickers on Android.

3: After read tutorials about how to download Line stickers on iPhone and Android, I think you have know the steps to download free Line stickers. But the key is you can't connect to VPN, right?
PS. If you want to use FlyVPN trial VPN services, please use trial VPN account and password FlyVPN provided on http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. Yourself account isn't available to use before paid completely except iPhone users who access m.flyvpn.com to use trial VPN service.
Too many people are using FlyVPN trial VPN account to download Line stickers, so it's often full. The only way is to try it again and again or avoid the peak time. Upgrade to premium account without limits. Just $10 every month.

4: Connected to US or Singapore VPN, Download LINE characters : Love U free Line stickers now.

LINE characters : Love U
LINE characters : Love U

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