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January 19, 2014

How To Configure PPTP VPN On iOS 7

iOS was launched in September, 2013. iOS 7 is the latest version of iOS. According to the latest report by Apple stats, iOS 7 snags 78 percent of all Apple devices. More and more apple devices will be updated to iOS 7. So I think more and more people will wonder how to configure VPN on iOS 7. So in my guide, I'd love to make a tutorial about how to configure PPTP VPN on iOS 7.

Text Tutorial- How To Configure PPTP VPN On iOS 7

Step 1: Tap Settings.
Step 2: Tap General.
Step 3: Tap VPN.
Step 4: Tap Add VPN Configuration.
Step 5: Tap PPTP tab.
Step 6: Input whatever you like into Description.
Ste 7: Input VPN server address provided by VPN provider.
Step 8: Input your VPN account.
Step 9: Input your VPN password.
Step 10: Tap Save.
Step 11: Tap the VPN connection you have configured, change VPN status to ON.

Picture Tutorial- How To Configure PPTP VPN On iOS 7

How To Configure PPTP VPN On iOS 7-1

How To Configure PPTP VPN On iOS 7-2

How To Configure PPTP VPN On iOS 7-3
How To Configure PPTP VPN On iOS 7-4

How To Configure PPTP VPN On iOS 7-5

According to the picture tutorial, I wrote the tutorial by FlyVPN. I am using it and would love to use FlyVPN for stable and fast VPN services. It is obvious that many people would like to test VPN services before purchase. So follow me to configure trial VPN on iOS 7 .

1: Get trial VPN account and password here: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.
2: Get FlyVPN server address in trial accounts.
Trial VPN account: vpnu.
Free country VPN server address: 
India IP address:
Indonesia IP address:
Thailand IP address:
Vietnam IP address:
Japan IP address:
Peru IP address:
Brazil IP address:
USA IP address:
If you want to know more trial VPN server address in VPNU and VPNC account, please register an account and access http://bit.ly/1kOBU8l.

Whatever you want to configure India, Thailand, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, USA, Brazil or other countries VPN on iOS, FlyVPN does work for you. If you are looking for trial VPN services, 30 countries VPN are waiting for you to try out.


  1. Very useful tutorial!! I really enjoyed learning every bit of this tutorial and looking forward to configure my iOS 7 PPTP VPN network. Thanks.

    1. Hope this tutorial can help you. Good luck!

  2. i tried the japanese vpn, using the ip address given but failed authentication

    i used this to install flyvpn on the ipone

  3. When the trial accounts are full, trial users will meet the error. Please check trial VPN account status on http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial . Once up to 100%, it's difficulty to connect.
    Note: Once password changed, you should re-install the profile.

  4. Please help, it says "The VPN server did not respond"
    what should i do?

    1. What have you typed in Server?

  5. Hi, my vpn works but why can't I see the free stickers from the country that I want? On an ios phone. Thanks

    1. 1. Have you cancelled Phone number in your Line account?
      2. Whether the free sticker is hidden Line stickers.
      3. Not all free stickers are available to download. Only free stickers with conditions are available to download. e.g. add friends, install app. Other free stickers without conditions must bind local phone number to download.