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July 18, 2013

Download Free Line Stickers From Facebook Sticker Store

Line is popular in the world for the cute stickers.Now it is developing Facebook market.There are 17 free Line stickers in Facebook sticker store.It is Snoopy's Moods,Pandi,Despicable Me 2,Beast,First Mate,Happy-Go-Lucky,Prickly Pear,Banana,Wide Eyes, Skullington, Hatch, Pusheen, Bun,Napoli, Meep, Tigerbell and Mango stickers.Follow me to get those stickers from Facebook sticker store.
1: Log in your Facebook account .
2: Open Facebook chat room and chat with one of your friends.Then click "smile".Go to the Facebook sticker store.
Facebook Line Sticker Store
3: Then you can see 17 free Line stickers.Also you can send them to your friends.
Download Free Line Stickers From Facebook
4: Click "Free".Download stickers successfully.Over.

If you want to download free Line stickers on Android or iOS devices from other countries.Connect Flyvpn on mobile devices is simple to get them.It is providing free trial VPN account everyday.But when Line launched free Line stickers on Tuesday and Thursday. The free VPN account on http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial will be full.So customers should try to avoid the peak time  or purchase Flyvpn premium account.Good Luck :) 


  1. Its cool to have more funny stickers ...

  2. sticker store for facebook free Funny new

  3. is it need vpn too? because i can't downloaded it to line. just in facebook. how can i download it to line?

    1. Line stickers in Facebook can't be downloaded in your Line account currently.

  4. Recently, Facebook has launched the new and this has been a great move.. The information provided is very interesting.