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June 18, 2013

Download Japan Local Gourmet Rangers Stickers With Free Trial Taiwan VPN

Newest five new stickers have been released in Japan,Thailand and Taiwan at 10 am today.I will guide people to download Japan Local Gourmet Rangers Stickers(line://shop/detail/952) from Taiwan.Those stickers are about some famous Japan attractions and native specialties  People who are residing in Taiwan can download the stickers directly without VPN.In other hand,People have to connect VPN to change IP so that you can pass the IP checking by Line.Different area Line sticker shop will launch different kinds of stickers.So if you want to download or purchase other countries Line stickers.The only way is to use VPN proxy.I am leading people to download stickers from Taiwan.So what we need to prepare is free trial Taiwan VPN.
(1) Prerequisites
a: One VPN service, Including Taiwan VPN server.
b: Register Line account,Sync with email and Facebook .
c: One mobile devices.iPhone,iPod,iPad,Mac or Android smartphone.
(2)If you haven't find good VPN servers for Line stickers. Try to use Flyvpn .
free trial Taiwan IP:
Password: Because the password is dynamic.Visit http://ww.flyvpn.com/freetrial to get newest password.
free trial VPN account

(3)Download stickers on Mac,iPhone,iPad,iPod and Android.
If you are using Android smartphone.Please refer to this article to get free Line stickers: http://www.linevpn.org/2013/05/download-sticker-android-japan-vpn.html .
If you are using Apple products.Please follow the article instructions to download free Line stickers: http://www.linevpn.org/2013/05/how-to-download-line-stickers-on-ipad.html .

Japan Local Gourmet Rangers Stickers

I have download Japan Local Gourmet Rangers Stickers on iPhone with Flyvpn free trial VPN account.Please see the screenshot.Maybe you can't connect VPN successfully.Please try to connect again and again for many guys are using the trial account.

Download Japan Local Gourmet Rangers Stickers With Free Trial Taiwan VPN On iPhone

You can see the stickers you have downloaded by clicking "more"-"setting"-"stickers"-"My stickers" in Line.

Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address: http://www.linevpn.org/2013/06/download-stickers-with-free-trial-taiwan-vpn.html .

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