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June 25, 2013

Download SCB nong Easy Stickers With Thailabd IP

New stickers come up to Thailand.It is SCB nong Easy.The stickers ID is line://shop/detail/961.SCB introduces "Nong Easy",a brand new cute&naughty character.Express your feelings in style with SCB nong Easy stickers!It will available untill 7/24/2013.So you have about 30 days to download SCB nong Easy stickers.These stickers are so cute and naughty.If you love those stickers.Download SCB nong Easy stickers with Thailand IP. Let us preview them.

Download SCB nong Easy Stickers With Thailabd IP-1

If you do not want to pay for VPN services.Please try to use free trial Thailand IP.
Thailand VPN server address:
Free Trial Thailand VPN account: vpnc .
Password: Please visit free trial page to get latest password.
VPN Protocol: PPTP,L2TP .
If you do now want to try it again and again to connect with trial account.Please click http://www.flyvpn.com/?voucher=90e9d5b0272111e2a5ae002354a225e2 and purchase through this link.You can get 20% off Line VPN account.
I want to guide people to download free Line stickers from Thailand with Flyvpn on Android and iPhone today!
(1)Please bind with your Line account with email and Facebook.Then close Line program completely.If you are using Android,Go to "Setting"-"Applications"-"Line" ,Click "clear data and force stop" ; If you are using iPhone,Double click start menu, Tap Line and click "-" to close Line program.Please refer to screenshots.
Download SCB nong Easy Stickers With Thailabd IP-3
(2)Configure Thailand IP on Android and iPhone.

If you are configuring L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN on devices.Please do not forget to type "vpnserver" into IPSec pre-shared key column. Connect Flyvpn successfully.You can Line your account with email or Facebook.Go to "Sticker Shop"-"New".Then you can see the new free Line stickers in list.Your new stickers can be found in the chats messageing screen under the stickers tab.after the download is complete.

(3)Over,Good Luck.If you want to setup VPN on other devices.Please read Flyvpn tutorials at http://www.flyvpn.com/help .

Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address: http://www.linevpn.org/2013/06/download-scb-nong-easy-stickers-with-thailand-ip.html .

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