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May 28, 2013

Free Trial Japan IP To Download Line Stickers

Matsumoto Kiyoshi Police(line://shop/detail/921) and TrottaSPARKLlNG(line://shop/detail/922) stickers have been launched out.Matsupoli-chan is back again with 8 more humorous and useful stickers!Add Matsumoto Kiyoshi's official account to get them free! So you have to add its official account then you can download those stickers.Stickers featuring Mr.Trotta,mascot of the new super-rich soda,TrottaSPARKLlNG!Check out the brand website for more exciting news.You can download TrottaSPARKLlNG stickers directly without add friends or install program.You can download those stickers swimmingly in Japan.If you want to download free Line stickers from Japan overseas.You have to configure free trial Japan IP on iPhone,iPad,iPod,Mac or Android smartphone.Then go to Line sticker shop.Let us watch these cute stickers.
Free Trial Japan IP List:
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Japan IP:
Japanese IP:
Japan VPN Server IP Address:.187.53.96 .

(1)If you are using Android smartphone and want to download stickers from Japan.Please refer to this tutorial: http://www.linevpn.org/2013/05/vpn-for-free-line-stickers-on-android.html .
(2)If you want to download Line stickers on Mac,iPhone,iPad or iPod.Please refer to this tutorial: http://www.linevpn.org/2013/05/how-to-download-line-stickers-on-ipad.html .
You can setup pptp L2tp VPN on devices.Many other countreis ip can be configured on devices.Such as USA,Germany,Russia,Mainland China,Korea,HK,Taiwan IP and so on.
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