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May 7, 2013

Download Free Stickers From Taiwan

Download Uni-President Enterprise Corp Ba Sir&Fen Stickers from TaiPei

A good news for guys who love to play Line.There is a new stickers named "Uni-President Enterprise Corp Ba Sir&Fen".You can get it from sticker shop where you are living in TaiPei. Otherwise you have to connect TaiPei VPN(Taiwan VPN) on iPhone,iPad,Mac OS or Android. Please refer the details about the stickers.
Sticker Name                     Available Till                Valid Days                            Sticker ID
Ba Sir&Fen                        6/6/2013                      180 Days                         line://shop/detail/880
download free Line stickers from Taiwan with Flyvpn
Free Stickers In Taiwan

Line can compatible with Android,iPhone,iPad and Mac. So you can download stickers on those devices. Please refer below tutorials to setting free trial TaiPei VPN on those devices.
1: Tutorial for how to configure free trial VPN on iPhone,iPad ;
2: Tutorial for how to configure free trial VPN on Mac OS ;
3:Tutorial for how to configure PPTP VPN on Android-free trial VPN account;
Please close Line program behind backstage before connect free trial Taiwan VPN on devices.
If you have any questions about the details to get stickers from Taiwan.Please leave message behind this article.

Anyone want to reproduce this article.Please note the address: http://www.linevpn.org/2013/05/download-free-stickers-from-taiwan.html .

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